Client Questionnaire

Before Westpine designs your website, develops your brand identity, or produces a photoshoot for your company, it's crucial we get to know your business a little bit more so we can best meet your company’s needs and cater your website best to your clients/customers. You'll note that some of these questions dig much deeper than design-oriented topics – here at Westpine we believe that the best websites address real problems your company deals with on a daily basis, as well as work toward actual business goals you have. The questions below will provide us with the key pieces of information we've identified as essential for doing just that.

Please fill out this questionnaire to the best of your ability with the information you have at this point. If possible, involve all of your company's owners/directors/senior managers in answering these questions, as the answers that are received will guide the whole web design process that Westpine will carry out on your company's behalf. Fields marked with an asterisk are required fields.

Contact Information
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Company Contact
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Company Contact Phone Number
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Organizational Information
Being able to put a background/context to your most common types of customers will inform much of the messaging found across your website and allow Westpine to build a website that meets their needs better.
Note: This may or may not include any of the personas you've written about above. We ask this question because we aim to create a website that reduces "friction" (psychological resistance to a given element of your sales process) particularly for individuals in this demographic.
The answer may be no for organizations that provide remote services for customers in many different geographic regions.
This data will give Westpine a snapshot of your current website visitor numbers. If you don't currently have any analytics installed, doing so will give you insight into how your site is performing. By installing an analytics engine, you can get a clear picture of your visitors and their behavior through visual reports on statistics like page views, bounce rates, on-site behavior, etc.
Brand/Design Information
12. Which of these elements have not been updated in the past two years? *
14. If adequate production quality or high resolution images aren’t available, Westpine can be contracted for developing photography assets. Are you interested in developing new photo content via Westpine? *
15. Would you like a logo designed for your company, or if you have an existing logo, would you like it redesigned? *
Logistical Information
18. Do you have a required project completion deadline? *
19. If so, please enter the required completion date below.
19. If so, please enter the required completion date below.
Common reasons include the launch date of a new product, a corporate event at which the new website will be advertised, etc.
e.g. Answering questions about content, clarifying needs, providing existing assets and/or content, etc.