Client Questionnaire

Before Westpine designs your website, we like to get to know your business a little bit more so we can best meet your company’s needs and address your client’s/customer's main questions. Fill out this questionnaire to the best of your ability with the information you have at this point.

Contact Information
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Company Contact
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Company Contact Phone Number
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Today's Date
Organizational Information
Brand/Design Information
5. Unless otherwise directed, Westpine employs a clean, modern design aesthetic focused around a monochrome light, dark, or image-based design direction, and 1-2 colors for accents. Would you prefer a website built around lighter, darker, or image-based backgrounds?
6. If adequate production quality or high resolution images aren’t available, Westpine can be contracted for developing photography assets. Are you interested in developing new photo content via Westpine? *
[Extra fee, amount dependent on scope of work.]
7. Would you like a logo designed for your company, or if you have an existing logo, would you like it redesigned? *
[Extra $200 fee.]
Logistical Information
10. Do you have a required project completion deadline? *
11. If so, please enter the required completion date below.
11. If so, please enter the required completion date below.
Common reasons include the launch date of a new product, a corporate event at which the new website will be advertised, etc.