Standard Process Outline – Squarespace Web Design

Every successful project starts with a well-defined process. Here's ours!

Phase 1: Pre-Production

1. Westpine will provide you with a Client Questionnaire to get an idea of your organization’s needs.

2. Once your send the Client Questionnaire back, we'll digest your responses and get you a Scope of Work document outlining the services Westpine will be providing.

3. If all looks good in that document, we'll schedule dates on the calendar for web and brand identity design/implementation, shooting any required photo content, a review date for getting notes on changes from your team, and dates for site transfer and launch (project completion).

4. Once those dates are set, we'll send you a contract that reflects those dates and the agreed-upon scope of work, and as soon as you sign and pay the deposit (50% of total compensation) we'll begin Phase 2, Design & Implementation.

Phase 2: Design & Implementation

5. If updating photography was chosen during the Pre-Production Phase, Westpine will produce a photoshoot to build assets for your website and other marketing materials.

6. Westpine will create a SquareSpace project on Westpine's SquareSpace account with a unique URL on which we'll start building the site to your specifications. 

7. We'll send you a link to the preliminary site for your review on our review date, after which the changes you've requested after your review will be implemented, provided they're within the original scope of work/contract we've signed off on.

Phase 3: Website Launch & Transfer

8. Your organization will purchase your desired URL for the website using your chosen domain name host, as well as create a SquareSpace account. Once you do so, we'll grant access to your new site from your SquareSpace account so your team can set up payment for the platform ($216/year).

9. The remaining project balance (the remaining 50%) will be due once your organization approves your site for launch (and is required before site transfer & launch).

10. Once this remaining balance is due, Westpine will launch your site by connecting it to your domain host's DNS for your specific URL and transfer full SquareSpace ownership to your SquareSpace account. Typical durations for site to go live are 12-36 hours from initiating changes to domain host's DNS.

For new businesses, view our New Business Discovery Questionnaire here.