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Web design, copywriting, and commercial photography for a legacy Los Angeles coffee bar focused on high quality coffee craftsmanship and community engagement.


Commercial Photography

Having recently renovated their facilities, it was important to us to encapsulate Swork Coffee's modern, urban vibe through updated photography for use in all of the shop's future marketing materials. As significant changes had been made, we made it a point to feature the more drastic changes to the interior, especially since the shop had a steady stream of long-time regulars who were used to the old layout.

Our approach entailed a combination of long and wide focal lengths, shallow depths of field, and perfect geometric perspective alignment in order to achieve a cinematic feel (Hollywood is a mere twenty minutes from the shop, after all).

Imagery was shot over two times of day, one session at sunrise and one in the late afternoon, to maximize lighting scenarios that were ideal for shooting but still distinct from one another.

Web Design

Our client's existing website had been hosted on Wordpress, but the platform's backend made website maintenance a daunting endeavor for Swork staff. After we talked with the client about what they were looking for in a web content management system, it made sense to go with SquareSpace as our platform of choice and we began to build out content for the new website.

We had a variety of aims with the website – creating a compelling web experience by heavily featuring photography, making Swork's menu easily accessible on the home page, and communicating what kind of employees Swork likes to hire for those looking to apply.

Our client also expressed a desire to promote Swork's space as being available for event and film/TV production use, so we worked together to figure out how we could address anticipated questions from renters via the booking process. We're big believers in using web pages and web forms to streamline processes for our clients, so we created a booking page for Swork with three separate booking pipelines based on the intended use of each type of renter that addressed specific concerns and liabilities a property owner would have with each type of usage.



Communicating an organization's culture can be done in part through design and photography, but the brunt of this work falls on the voice and messaging delivered through their website's copywriting. Swork and its patrons have a distinct culture, in part informed by the culture of Eagle Rock, the Los Angeles neighborhood where the shop is located, and in part intentionally cultivated by Swork's employees and ownership.

We aimed to communicate Swork's fun, light-hearted, socially-forward culture through strategic stylistic choices in headline and body copywriting. We looked specifically for places we could inject tongue-in-cheek humor while still maintaining sophisticated diction choices throughout the entirety of the website.

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