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Web design, outdoor industry-specific copywriting, and a multi-day lifestyle photoshoot for a Japanese ultralight stove and cookware manufacturer.

Evernew America Web Design

Web Design

Evernew, an established Japanese outdoor recreation manufacturer, entered the North American titanium ultralight backpacking gear market in 2015 and quickly realized their need to develop a website centered around lifestyle imagery to engage with the quickly growing and visually-driven outdoor adventure industry in the United States. We produced and shot a lifestyle photoshoot to populate the website with beautiful imagery, employed catchy and aspirational headings throughout the site, highlighted accolades that Evernew had received in the press (that weren't being leveraged at the time), and organized the many product lines being offered online in a manner that optimized site navigability and product differentiation.


Lifestyle Photography

Our lifestyle photoshoot took place over two days in California's Eastern Sierra, featuring a number of Evernew's more popular product lines. We began shooting in the rocky desert of the Alabama Hills, and ended on our second shoot day along the snowy Mount Whitney Trail, a part of the legendary Pacific Crest Trail. The client had requested for part of the shoot to lie along a thru-hiking thoroughfare, as long distance backpackers are the main target market for ultralight gear. 

Due to the niche nature of ultralight backpacking, great care was put into researching ultralight best practices and developing a shoot consistent with those practices. Pre-production consisted of location selection, talent selection, prop/meal coordination, and travel/shoot scheduling.


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